Winning attention, hearts and minds

Rachel MacGregor started Enkindle with one goal – to help clients get more from their communications. She draws on her broad experience in media and public relations to help define compelling sales angles, to command attention, and ultimately, build businesses.

With a Bachelor of Communication Studies under her belt,  Rachel worked her way up from TVNZ’s national assignments desk, through the newsroom, and into roles producing news for One News, Midday, Tonight. She then accepted a position as a Reporter and Producer on TVNZ’s Breakfast show which meant very early starts!

Rachel reported on stories around the UK, in Canada and Rarotonga, and regularly presented live on location and in studio. Her most notable work were four mini-documentaries in Rwanda, looking at the state of the nation fifteen years on from the 1994 genocide.

She built her knowledge of lifestyle programming and how to target the household shopper during a stint on TVNZ’s Good Morning. Rachel was promoted quickly from her role as Researcher (setting up interviews) to Line-Up Producer (responsible for what went to air each day, and the order in which it aired). Managing the line up of 3 hours a day of live television has given Rachel a unique instinct for identifying what gets attention, and how to create it.

This variety of perspectives led her to a sideways step into PR, first taking a senior role where she worked with clients like Colgate, Sport New Zealand and NZTA.

A unique insight into crisis management 

Rachel went out on her own in 2012, launching Enkindle while hitting the campaign trail for Colin Craig of the Conservative Party.

Although hard to stomach at the time, the media attention that followed turned out to be a boon – in her crisis management services, it gave Rachel a unique empathy for some of her clients. She now has real insight into how best to support those clients who find themselves unwittingly thrust into the national spotlight.

A network of professionals

Rachel’s team remains small but there’s a powerhouse of expertise behind her. Her Ponsonby office boasts a range of other communications professionals, including copywriters, social media specialists and influencer marketers, on whose skills and expertise she can draw. Her trusty sidekick, Stanley the golden retriever, is also a crucial member of the team – his patience and listening skills are unsurpassed.

So.. why not say hello?